For all services (Mediation, Arbitration, Discovery Referee, and Special Master) rates

(effective January 1, 2012) are as follows:

GRANT WOODRUFF $350 per hour


WDRC is aware of and sensitive to customer cost. We have worked to keep our costs down

and pass these savings on to customers through efficient service and competitive hourly rates. We also have no charge; for

any administration or “set up" fees, gravel without charge for travel time (other than for unusually long

travel) to wherever customers require our services, and do not impose “cancellation fees" when parties

are able to resolve their differences or unforeseeable schedule conflicts require a schedule change or cancellation.

(All charges and fee policies are subject to change where unusual or difficult circumstances dictate.)

To discuss any of our policies or for additional information regarding fees or fee policy, please contact us directly.

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